Sunday, May 06, 2007

Wedding in Malaysia, or: How to enjoy your marriage

We had a very interesting time in Kuala Lumpur. Hoffi and Brinda had been married, and all were happy and touched. After our nightmare shopping time in the Mega-Mall, both Ksenia and I have been very happy with our outfits. The schedule supposed us to appear at the catholic church at 1pm, and we've been there, all dressed up smart and beautiful. The amount of visitors was huge, there has been around 180 people to see how this beautiful couple says Yes to each other.

Before that, we've enjoyed the met, conducted by a pretty entertaining priest - however, it was catholic and lots of different religions attending. The tolerance and udnerstanding of different believers in the same environment, if it's business, churches next to mosques next to temples, people talking to each other, Malaysia is maybe the best example I know how a peaceful coexistance is possible if just everybody keeps their head and intelligence up and running.

After an hour, the formal church process was done, and everybody was quite sensitive to see how the fresh married couple got gratulated, hundreds time pictured, hugged and kissed and finally was able to get to what a marriage is supposed to be: Enjoy your time together. Torsten told me that Brinda and him may have still lots of stress and a big to-do list afterwards, as her and him are planning to move first to germany, then either the UK or Australia. If I imagine the mountain of paper-work in front of them, I already got scared in advance - hoffi, better reserve some of your fundings for a good lawyer-agency ;-) Don't run your ass off by yourself.

Everybody of us got back by an organised car to the hotel. Whilst the church was supposed to be a little more casual, the evening gala was supposed to expect us smart. We haven't changed a lot, I kept beeing in my suit I bought Zara, and Ksenia changed in a perfect and beautiful dress. This time, we haven't been so lucky with the chauffeur service. The friend of Brinda was not really aware where the Gold & Country Club is, so we drove around in KL for 2 1/2 hours in the evening and missed at least the beginning. However, slightly stressed by the highway adventure, we had some good dancing, live-music, malayian food, litres of schnaps the travellers brought with them from the duty-free (Alcohol in malaysia is so expensive) - and we all ended up in the president suite of our hotel in a smaller group. I had a couple of whisky too much, and at ~ 4:30am I fell down to accompancy sleeping Ksenia in our room at the 8th floor. A two handfull guests kept Torsten and Brinda busy till the later morning - ...

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