Monday, May 07, 2007

Last day in KL - let's get down to some downtown

Next day Ksenia and I had planned to visit Little India and Chinatown in KL - so we've done it. Not as early up as planned, but still good in time. Loooks pretty similar to many asian bigger cities, you get loads of stuff to buy, meanwhile the hawkers in Malasia are not as bothering as Indonesia.

Besides fakes, perfect fakes, and maybe even original trademarked items for smallsmall $$$, it is just interesting to walk through the different streets and check out the flair and different cultures co-existing right next to each other in this city. Checked out some mosques, temples, walked by the old trainstation, the KLCC again, some more stuff. In the later evening, Torsten and Brinda had rented a bus to get the 9 travellers of us left to a place 150km north of KL. Supposed to get the best sea-food around, and it really was very tasty. Killed the rest of our enormous tiger beer bottles, we travelled a bit further to the famous fireflies. This cute little creatures rest on the river next to the jungle, and at ~ 9pm, you can rent a boat and get right next to them. This place is to be known the only one on this planet, where you can find the species which illuminates all in synch. 1000s of flies in bushes, they prepare to mate and light up their body in a 3sec interval. This is impossible to picture (on a boat, and with my camera), but you can imagine it like a gigantic christmas tree, laying right next to the shore for several douzen of kilometer up the river. Pretty cool - and no mosquito at all. I guess the boat full of japanese girlies with bare legs got all of them, har.

This has it been for us in KL so far. We left our roller-case with Brinda's (and now Torsten's) family, got our backpacks packed and got ready for departure the next early morning. Resume: KL is a nice and interesting city. The flair of the mixtured cultures, loads of money, controlled government and free capitalism results in a must-see, even though I am pretty disappointed by the prices over there. Transportation is cheap, as long as you bargain hard for cabs, or better go for the public transport / train anyway. Food is cheap, but electronics, clothes are almost as expensive as in Europe. iPods cost the same, the Playstation 3 is not even fully released, the Wii is three times more expensive then in germany (US$690), you may save some money purchasing a camera or computer components. But singapur gives you way more compensation in your shopping cart.

What was extraordinary good was the beloved community of Torsten's friends. Really lovely people, and we had lots of cool conversations. To be continued on the Wies'n at September this year - octoberfest, wir kommen.

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