Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sunday / Monday in KualaLumpur - enjoy the rest of citylife

The rest of the group have been even able to get to paintball gaming at 10am. I didn't feel like paintballing myself, 1am breakfast felt better to be honest. This sunday afternoon Hoffi and Brinda made an appointment for us german visitors with their family for tasting Malayian fruits. This had been so great, we've got all the different fruits prepared and labelled on plates in their house. Gathered all of us around the table, we've been able to test dragon-fruit, mangosteen, jackfruit, starfruit, Rambutan, Papaya - and outside of the living room, Brindas sista stored the famous Durian, the queen of fruits. It smells so bad, and you either love it or hate it.

So we went out to their terrace, and after opening, the first girls already ran away for their life. It smells like 7 days old shit and vomit mixed, opened it looks like brain - but it seems to be tasty afterall. Please be aware that you shouldn't drink alcohol 24h after you enjoyed a big portion of it, otherwise your body will overreact to the heat it produces and you may fall apart after a pint or two already, even if you're british. If you want to check out an index, photos and more information on the fruits we had, pick the first search result I received on google.

In the night we had an appointment in another mall, the Sunway Pyramids - more nearby to Subah - for trying Steam-boat. Honestly, at least for this restaurant or my type of choices, I didn't like it at all. I am more a frying friend, even deep fried is fine - but steamed things where I had no idea of any of the items about it's origin, it all tasted like watery. Maybe I should check another place next time, but maybe follow the link mentioned above to find a good reviewed place by yourself. We still had fun with the friends of Torsten, although it we already missed Thomas and Patricia, they needed to catch their plane back to Switzerland at 11pm *sigh*.

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